Mongolian Information Processing Status on Windows

By | 2015年5月5日 | 1,211 views

The history of Mongolian  Information Processing at least have ten to fifteen years.  According to our knowledge, there are a lot kind of        Mongolian system. The Mongolian OS or Mongolain encoding method, at least have above twenty kinds of it. All of these systems, have not unified their encode. The Mongolian scripts save to computer use computer code. By these days,  the code of Mongolian saved by the individual systems mentioned above, is all different each others. It causes the saved document can not share each other.

In this digital ages, the standardized encoding is  extremely important. Before the Unicode, all of the country defined their own standards. After the Unicode getting more popular, recently, all of the systems accept the Unicode and provide the unicode support. The Mongolian Unicode        Standard had been accepted by ISO organization and Unicode Consortium in early 2000.

But the Mongolian Unicode Standard Proposal use new font rendering techniques. All the OS providers are not ready to provide the complex font rendering logic on system level till 2007 or 2008.  Microsoft provided the complex font rendering engine and  Mongolian implementation on Windows Vista.

But the Vista system itself have  memory and performance problem led the most of users downgrade their PC to XP.
The Mongolian implementation has been widely used since the Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2. Although Windows Vista and Windows 7 only provided one  Mongolian Baiti font, it is provided a new era or new road to Unicode Mongolian implementation and Mongolian  Information Processing.

We use the OpenType Font  Techniques which was provided by Microsoft and Adobe,  developed a lot of OpenType Mongolian Font. All of our  OpenType Font and Mongolian Information Processing Techniques developed by us will be providing from this site.
We also have migrated the OpenType Engine on old Windows XP. After you install the package and Fonts on Windows XP, you can show Unicode Mongolian on Windows XP now. It is very important to use Unicode Mongolian on Windows XP, because, most of mongolian people are still using Windows XP in these days.