A Mongolian scientist makes diamonds from calcite

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Now the scientists of the Goethe University dreaming of Nobel Prize In this high-tech laboratory at Riedenberg Dr. Lkhamsuren Bayarjargal makes diamonds from calcite: Because of the strong laser radiation he conducts research with goggles
Frankfurt from such a man every woman dreams: Dr. Lkhamsuren Bayarjargal (38) makesdiamonds made ​​of calcite. The white stuff that settles in the kettle. But he now received the prestigious Max-von-Laue-price.
Diamonds, the most expensive and hardest mineral in the world, can be produced artificially for 60 years, from graphite. To Bayarjargal on campus Riedenberg the calcite conversion succeeded, he has been researching for years: “In the Canary Islands and in Uzbekistan diamonds have been found in calcite deposits. We wanted to find out if the diamond can occur there, or were transported inside. ”
In the laser laboratory at Riedenberg the Mongolian scientists generated enormous pressure and temperature as in the Earth”s interior. “If you turn the Eiffel Tower, press the tip down, the pressure strength is roughly comparable with that in our diamond anvil cell. And the laser is so strong that you would immediately burn a fire in your stomach! At 3000 degrees, the diamonds originated. ”
Sorry, no, that sparkle and glisten. Bayarjargal`s diamonds are so tiny that you can only see them under a microscope. Has produced thousands of man, and all together would hardly fly shit.
Nothing for us girls. But for science are the Frankfurt diamonds are a treasure.
Bayarjargal want to continue researching, producing 10 000 degrees. His dream? “The Nobel Prize would not be bad.”
Dear readers, before you now scratching your water pot to make calcite diamonds: you need a half million euros, great knowledge in laser technology and immense talent experimental …
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