A Famous Mongolian Mathematician and Astronomer Minggatu (Ming An Tu)

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Minggatu, (1692-1765?), from the Straight White Banner, Qing Dynasty. He was a famous mathematician and astronomer. In 1762, He was appointed as head of the Ministry of Astrological Observatory, at the period of Qianlong Emperor, Qing Dynasty. He compiled astrological four works as the Origin of Law and Calendar.

He invented a new theory of mathematics, based on his knowledge about geometry, algebra, triangle and sequence theories, called the Cyclomotic Continued Proportional Method, in his great work of the Quick Method for Determining Segmentareas, In 1759, the twenty fourth year of Emperor Qianlong, he conducted and finished the map surveying of Xinjiang, hence successfully made the first map of whole China, with the new modern scientific surveying techniques.

In May, 2002, a new asteroid (28242) which was discovered by the Chinese Astrological Observatory was named after his name as Minggatu (Ming An Tu, in Chinese) Star, by the approvals of Chinese Academy of Science and Nomination Committee of the Small Celestial Body of IAU. (Translated from Chinese into Mongolian by Delger)

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