Famous People from Subei Mongolians

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In this book, a hundred year’s of life experiences of 80 people, including 37 people of common laborers and their descendants, have been living in Subei Mongolian autonomous county, Gansu province, are written in the style of oral tradition or folklore. They were intelligent, brave, brilliant and legendary persons. Such as famous marksman Khurgen Husiguchi, strongman Adan Lhajab, famous doctor Norbu, craftsman Noidub and interpreter Gonja. These people’s poetry, resume, activity, works and their stories are collected in the book. The works and stories present herdsmen’s wisdom, braveness, sincere, behavior and custom. Our young generation may learn something from them and it will be very valuable to cultural researches.  (translated from Mongolian into English by Delger)

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