A Brief Introduction to the Qingshan Industrial Zone of the North Urad Banner

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(translated from Chinese into English by Delger)

One. The Basic Situation

The Qingshan Industrial Zone of the North Urad Banner locates in Khukheundur Town, 50 kilometers away from the Linhe District, the location of the government of Banyannagur City, 50 kilometers away from the Baolan Railway (from Bugutu to Lanzhou), the Jingzang Highway (from Beijing to Tibet) and the 110 State Highway, a distance from 140 kilometers away from the Bagamodu Port, the Linha Railway (from Linhe to Ceke to Xinjiang) which via the industrial zone. And also, a main canal of a tributary of the Yellow River, China’s second river, flows through here.

The Qingshan Industrial Zone of the North Urad Banner is an Autonomous Region Class industrial base. There have been imported 26 industrial enterprises of mining, ore dressing, melting and processing, its annual industrial output value is about 4.3 billion yuan, and payable tax is 600 million yuan, covering the 39% percent of the financial total income of the whole Banner. With the continuous improvement of the investment environment and the further increasing inviting investment, there brings more perfect infrastructures to the Qingshan Industrial Zone. In resent five years, the zone have completed the investing in the fixed assets of 180 million yuan, the network of the roads spread all parts, covers an area of 20 kilometers, with increasing numbers of enterprises. Particularly, in resent two years, imported companies and projects, such as the Zijin Company melting 100,000 tons of zinc each year, the Feixiang Copper Company melting 100,000 tons of copper each year and the Ruifeng Company melting 100,000 tons of lead each year, starting operation and construction in succession and greatly promoted the building step of the industrial zone.

At present, the zone has already established the main three pillars of industrial pattern, such as vulcanized building materials and cement processing, nonferrous metal mining and melting, and high energy-loaded smelting. In 2007, the Banner Government employed experts from Jiangxi Technology University, Zhejiang University and Bugutu Steel Designing Institute, has made detailed plans to the whole Banner’s industrial enterprises which based on mining resources and the Qingshan Industrial Zone, and it has been demonstrated. In the next step, the radiation leading function of the Qingshan Industrial Zone will be improved by opening of the traffic of the Huoqing Highway (from Khugeqin to Khukheundur Town) and the Lince Railway (from Linhe to Ceke) , with reopening of the Bagamodo Port. In prediction, by 2010, the industrial zone is developing towards the finer, higher, nicer processing in the enterprises of high energy, nonferrous metal mining and processing, cement and chemicals. And the number of the enterprises will be increased by 60, aimed to realize the industry’s synthetic utilization best, more density of industrial circulation chain, an industrial output value of 16 billion yuan, payable tax of 1.5 billion yuan.

Two  The Industry Planning

The Qingshan Industrial Zone has a total planning area of 120 square kilometers, along with a network of the railways of the Shanqing, Gucha, Huoqing and Lince. The first step planning covers 20 square kilometers and traffic net which spreads all parts will be finished. In the next step, the industrial zone planning of Khukheundur Town to Dongsheng Temple area will be completed, and the zone will be built in different clusters of enterprises of metal smelting, metalwork processing, electronic power, heavy chemicals and building materials. Every cluster will relies on the present local mining resources and bases of exploration, mining, processing and smelting, forms a longer industrial chains, emphasizes the resource production and resource consumption, so that improves the integrated utilization ability, promotes recycling of the regenerative resources, explores and goes on a road of new regional industrialization of higher technological content, the best resource utilization, better economic benefit and less environmental pollution, realizing the resource sharing, waste recycling and comprehensive utilization, and promoting the regional economy with development of sustainable, fast, healthy, environmental and recyclable approach.

(1) The Metal Smelting and Processing Area

The copper industry chain: giving a support to the Western Copper Company, an extension construction of annual 3,000,000 tons of mining and processing will be done, promoting the development of the Western Copper Company and the Feixiang Corporation’s joint copper industry and secondary copper enterprises, and supporting its peripheral exploration, assistance in the organizing of the resources from the surrounding areas, approach an annual output of 100,000 tons of copper melting, and try our best to realize an annual output of 200,000 tons of copper in 2010.

The lead and zinc chain: giving a support to the Zijin Company’s project of smelting zinc 200,000 tons each year, after going into production of 100,000 tons in the first period, plan to build an output of 100,000 tons each year in the second period, as soon as possible; supporting the Ruifeng Company’s project of lead smelting of 100,000 tons each year, on the base of present output of 30,000 tons each year, approach 50,000 tons in the next five years and the zinc smelting scale of 100,000 tons each year in 2010.

The nickel and iron chain: give a support to the Ebtu Nickel Mine’s present output of 100,000 tons of nickel processing each year, enlarge the surrounding area’s mining and processing scale; to help the Shuangli Iron Company, complete its an output of 200,000 tons of iron processing each year, as soon as possible; build the project of coal based reduced iron and pellet sintering of 400,000 tons each year, and the project of special kind of stainless steel of 600,000 tons each year.

(2) The Metalwork Processing Area

On the important base of the metal production and smelting and raw products, such as copper, lead, zinc, iron and silicon etc, import the related techniques or some corporation’s investment for projects of copper material processing mainly as copper rod, copper wire, copper foil and copper alloy; processing industries of storage battery, zinc electroplating, seamless steel plate, nichrome, and related productions of iron founding, machine spare parts and hardware processing, wind power generator assembly manufacturing and mould manufacturing.

(3) The Power Energy Area

To maintain to build the Hengwang Company’s project of 2×30,0000 kilowatts of thermoelectricity of cogeneration, strive for importing the bigger coal chemical enterprises as much as possible, and build thermal power station or 50KW transformer substation; promote the Fuhui Company’s project of wind power generation of 50,000 kilowatts which under construction, and start to build the other 5 wind power generations; speed up the exploration and mining of the oil and oil shale inside of the Banner, approach a new breakthrough in the utilization of waste heat, waste gas and waste energy.

(4)The Heavy Chemical Industry Area

Based on our own advantage of resources, develop enterprises of circulation downstream industry, and production of diversified compound industrialization. Making full use of the sulfide enriched concentrate and acid from exhaust gas of smelting projects, provide supports for comprehensive utilization of the sulfuric acid of the Qihua Company, Zijin Company, Feishang Company and Ruifeng Company, build a project of 600,000 tons of phosphate ammonium compound fertilizer each year. At the same time, taking advantage of the calcium carbide, high energy-loaded, cement and building materials, series of sulfate chemical materials, establish secondary industries as methanol and polyethylene. And also taking advantage of chance of the Lince Railway which via through the whole banner, develop projects of coal chemicals, coal char chemicals and char gasification, to realize the synthetically recycling of the electropyrolysis and gasification. And attracting investment and build the projects of 3,000,000 tons of char chemicals each year, a coal and gas burning power station of 2×300,000 kilowatts, 300,000 tons of PVC each year, 20,000 of PE each year, 50,000 tons of hydrogen fluoride each year and lead acid batteries.

(5) The Building Material Area

Giving supports to the technical transformations of the Mengxi Company and Tuanyang Cement Company, taking advantage of the carbon acid calcium, waste residues from the local smelting enterprises, reform and construct the projects of 1,000,000 tons of common silicate cement each year and 300,000 tons of special cement grinding; develop and construct a project of 100,000 tons of stone machining, speed up the stone material development and satisfy the local consumption. Meanwhile pay attention to the utilization of the Three Wastes, and build a new project of environmental friendly stucco building materials as brick and paint.

(6) The Nonmetal Industry Area

Taking full usage of the local nonmetal mine resources such as silicon, graphite, serpentine and garnet, develop and build mining and processing projects, mainly import and construct a project of 1,000 tons of polycrystalline silicon each year.

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