A Brief Introduction to Inner Mongolia University Library

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Inner Mongolia University Library was founded in October 14, 1957. It is an academic library of the first university which has been established in minority area of new China. Hence a new page of academic library causes of China minority area had been opened. For fifty years, with the endeavor of several generations of grand librarians and their enterprising spirits, the library’s function and scope has been enlarged, the idea for library running has been innovated. The library constructed a book collecting system which has national and local characteristics, built a service platform with modern management, formed an excellent environment of network service and reading, and also realized the spanning of traditional library into modern library. The library is playing an incommutability function to the teaching and researching service. And the library is also playing an important part to the college document integrating construction in the Autonomous Region.

(translated from Chinese into English by Delger)

source: http://bdelger.blog.163.com

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