Study in Inner Mongolia University

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Professional Study Directory

School Name

Bachelors Degree Choices

Masters Degree Choices

Doctorate Choices

Mongolian    Studies College

Mongolian Language and Literature (base    classes, Arts and comprehensive class, Journalism, Publishing Editor, Audio    Engineer, Tourism Management (Mongolian delegate)

Chinese ethnic    minority language and literature, Specialized history, Ancient Chinese History,    Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Literature and Art, Journalism, Historical Philology, Comparative Literature    and World Literature, Religious Studies, History of China’s Ethnic Minorities    (Mongolia Science Center)

Minority language and literature (Mongolian    language and literature, Altaic language, Central Asia and Northern China    National Ancient Writing, Compute,r Mongolian information processing, Experimental    Phonetics, etc.), Specialized History (Mongolian History and Northern China    National History, etc.), History of China’s Ethnic Minorities (Mongolia    Science Center)

Institute of Ethnology and Sociology

Ethnology, Social    Work, Sociology


College of Life Sciences

Biotechnology,Biological Sciences, Ecology, Environmental    Science, Bio-engineering,

Ecology,Environmental    Science,Botany,Zoology, Microbiology, Pratacultural, Biochemistry and Molecular    Biology, Biological Engineering (Master of Engineering), Environmental    Engineering (Master of Engineering)

Ecology, Zoology,    Botany, Microbiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Literature    and the College of Journalism and Communications

Chinese Language and    Literature, Journalism, PublishingEditor, Zenith to literature and    history

Ancient Chinese Literature, Chinese language    learning, Literature and Art, World Literature and    Comparative Literature, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature ,Journalism

College of History, Tourism and Culture

History, Tourism Management, Zenith to    literature and history

World History,    Ancient Chinese History, Modern Chinese History, Specialized History,    Archeology and Museology

College of Philosophy

Philosophy, Zenith to literature and history

Philosophy, Zenith to literature and history

Institute of Public Administration

Public Utilities management,    Administration,         Political Science    andAdministration, Labor and Social Security, Social Work

Administration,    Political science theory, Master of Public Administration, Marxist theory,

The Basic Tenets of    Marxism

Law    School

Law, Philosophy

Civil and Commercial    Law Studies, Procedural Law, Constitution and Administrative Law, Legal    History, Master of Laws

Foreign    Languages Institute

English, Japanese,    Russian

Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Japanese    Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Russian Language    and Literature

College    of Mathematical Sciences

Mathematics and    Applied Mathematics, Information and Computing Science, Several of Science    Base

Mathematics, Basic Mathematics Applied Mathematics, Applied Mathematics,    Operations Research and Cybernetics, Computational Mathematics, Probability    Theory and Mathematical Statistics

Probabi Theory and Mathematical Statistics

College of Physical    Science and Technology

Physics, Applied Physics, Electronic    Science and Technology

Theoretical Physics, Condensed matter    physics, Optical, Biophysics, Physical electronics, Physical electronics and    optoelectronics, Physics

Theoretical Physics, Biophysical

College of Electronic    Information Engineering

Electronic Information Science and Technology, Electronic Science    and Technology,Communication Engineering, Automation

Signal and Information Processing,    Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System, Electronic and communication    engineering, Control Engineering

College of Chemistry and    Chemical Engineering

Chemical Basics, Applied Chemistry,    Materials Chemistry (Rare Earth Materials),    Chemical, Chemical Engineering and Technology

Inorganic    Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry,    Environmental Science, Material Physics and Chemistry, Applied Chemistry,    Medicinal Chemistry (under the polymer with the Mongolian Institute of    Chemistry), Chemical, Materials Science and Engineering, ,Chemical    Engineering and Technology, Environmental Science and Engineering

College of Economics and    Managemet

Economics, Finance, International    Economics and Trade Business Administration, Human Resources Management, Accounting,    Financial Management

Master of Business Administration (MBA),    Enterprise Management, Regional Economics, Political Economics, Finance,    Accounting, Chinese Ethnic Economy

Computer College

Computer Science and Technology,    Information Management and Information System, E-commerce

Computer Software and Theory, Computer    Application Technology, Computer System Structure, Management Science and    Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Computer Technology, Software    Engineering

Computer    Application Technology

College of the Arts

Radio and presided over the arts, Choreographer, Performances (dance performances, film shows, two of Taiwan’s performance, costume design and performance), Public utilities management (Culture and Arts Management) Art theory, Painting, Animation, Art Design, Art and Design, Sculpture, Music theory, Music Performance, Composer with the composer technology theory

Literature and    Art, Art, Music, Art theory

Traffic School

Civil Engineering, Transportation

International College of    Education

Long-term and short-term language    training: the Mongolian language, Chinese language