Mongolian Nomadic Culture and Ecological Civilization Was Held in Aru Khorchin Banner

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Place: Aru khorchin Banner, Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region, China

Date: July 19 – July 20, 2014

From July 19 to July 20, 2014, the International Conference on Mongolian Nomadic Culture and Ecological Civilization was held in Aru khorchin Banner of Chifeng City, Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region. It was jointly sponsored by the Chinese Association for Mongolian Studies, the Institute for Postmodern Development of China (IPDC), the Association for Economic Studies on Mongolian Ethnic Minority and the People’s Government of Chifeng City.

The administrative leaders who attended the conference included Wu Tuanying, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the Autonomous Region and president of the Chinese Association for Mongolian Studies, Tong Guoqing, member of Municipal Standing Committee and Leader of Department of Publicity, Li Xuebo, vicechairman of the National People’s Congress (NPC) Standing Committee and Guo Yufeng, vice mayor of Chifeng Municipal Government.

Meanwhile, eight foreign scholars from  Grace University, Lander University of USA and several other universities as well as fourteen domestic experts from Beijing, Yunnan and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and other cities took part in the conference.

All the participants, based on the thematic center of Grassland Culture and ecological civilization, presented a series of speeches on the postmodern ecological civilization, the modern value of the traditional grassland culture and the protection of nomadic culture, etc.

The conference also organized one day north tour and visited the Bayanundur nomadic area and conducted field study in the herdsmen’s family and grassland. (Reported by Tian Pengcheng, and China Mongolian Studies Information Net, translated from Chinese into English by Fan Xiuli)