Mongolian language course

By | 2013年11月28日 | 589 views

An intensive course in the Mongolian language held at the Australian National University (ANU) in January 2013 is the first of its kind in Australia.

Six students participated in the three-week course which was delivered by Dr Batzaya Gerelt-Od from Ulaanbataar University. Dr Batzaya is a specialist in teaching Mongolian to foreigners. The participants included ANU postgraduate students, staff and people from the public. The language course also included presentations on the history and culture of Mongolia.

The course was arranged by the director of the ANU Mongolian Studies Centre, Professor Li Narangoa, who was very pleased at the outcome. “We offer Mongolian as part of the normal undergraduate program in the College of Asia-Pacific”, said Professor Li, “but I felt it was important to also offer an intensive course to people who were unable to attend classes during the academic year”.

ANU is the only tertiary institution in the southern hemisphere to offer a comprehensive program of teaching and research in Mongolian studies and thus it is breaking new ground.

ANU hopes to hold the intensive course again in 2014.