Invitation to the China Second International Conference on Mongolian Studies

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To Dear Mr./ Mrs./Miss:


The China Second International Conference on Mongolian Studies is going to be held on September 25-29, 2008, in Huhhot City, Inner Mongolian, China. You are formally invited to the conference.

Some Notices to the Conference:

1. The Conference is divided into different sections, such as Mongolian Linguistics, Literature, and Nomadic Culture.

2. Chinese, Mongolian and English, these languages are available.

3. An investigation to the Chinggis Khan’s Tomb is arranged at the later part of the conference.

4. There are no conference fees (including lodging, meals and investigation). As you are a specially invited guest, your round trip expenses will be paid by the conference (single person).

5. Please register and sign up on September 24, 2008, at the Xincheng Hotel, Huhhot. Guests from other places or abroad, are required to inform us your arriving time to Huhhot, and flight or train number in advance, so that we will send someone meet you in time. If you need to order returning ticket, you will inform us about the ticket class and the time, in advance of 10 days. If you want to return by plane, it will be needed to notice us your ID card number or passport copy, thanks.

6. A Proceeding is going to be published after the conference. Your paper should be printed (on A4 paper) and with a Word file, and hand them to the Secretary Group.


Address: the Reception Office of the Social Science Academy of Inner Mongolia, No.129 Daxue East Road, Huhhot, Inner Mongolia, P.R.China

The Preparation Office of the China Second International Conference on Mongolian Studies


Professor Wu Tuanying

June , 2008

(translated from Chinese into English by Delger )