China Mongolian Studies: International Conference on the Arzhai Grotto

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Dear Mr/Mis


In order to carry forward national culture, inherit nomadic civilization, and study further and develop the scientific research for the Arzhai Grotto, the International Conference on Arzhai Grotto is going to hold by the Otog Banner, Inner Mongolia, China, on September 18-20, 2008. And you are formally invited to the conference.

One. The main subject of the conference: “the Arzahi Grotto and the Nomadic Culture”

Two. Discussing Topics: the grotto culture, inscriptions in the Uygurjin Mongolian, Tibetan originated Buddhism, the culture of the China Northern Nationalities, and other topics given in the Notification of the Article Soliciting.

Three. Date of the Conference: September 15-16, register and sign up in the first floor hall of the Academy of Inner Mongolia Social Sciences, Huhhot; Spetember 17, go to the Otog Banner; on morning of September 19, opening ceremony and the main subject speech, go to the Arzhai Grotto in the afternoon; a whole day meeting on September 19; September 20, a visit to the Xixia King’s Tomb.

Four. The languages of the conference: Chinese, Mongolian and English.

Five. Conference expenses: there are no conference fees paid from the participants, and also given free meals, lodging, investigation and communication charge. But your round trip fees will be paid by yourself. [Besides, if you are a specially invited guest, your round trip expenses will be paid by the conference (single person)]

The conference related introduction as follows:

1. Guests from other places or abroad, are required to inform us your arriving time to Huhhot, and flight or train number in advance, so that we will send someone meet you in time. If you need to order returning ticket, you will inform us about the ticket class and the time, in advance.

2. A Proceeding is going to be published after the conference. Your paper should be handed in Word or PDF file. (papers written in Mongolian, should be in WPS Office 2002 of Mongkegal, Cyrillic Mongolian should be in Windows XP, MS word ), with the abstract and keywords.

Address: Room 423, the Main Building of the Academy of Inner Mongolia Social Sciences, No.129, the Daxue East Road, Huhhot, Inner Mongolia, P.R.China

The Preparation Office of the International Conference on the Arzhai Grotto of China

Professor Wu Tuanying

June 20 , 2008

(translated from Chinese into English by Delger )