Building of Database for Mongolists

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With the expansion of Mongolia’s contacts with the rest of the world, the world of scholarship on Mongolian and Mongolian peoples world-wide has become wider and broader than ever. New fields are opening up regularly and new communities of collaborative scholars are forming. This situation offers an opportunity for those working in fields related to the Mongolian lands and peoples to find fruitful new areas of cooperation and mutual academic enrichment. To facilitate this type of exchange, The Mongolia Society has established a directory of scholars with an active interest in any field related to Mongolia and the Mongols. Our aim is to build a listing of scholars currently working on any aspect of the Mongolian lands and peoples, both to facilitate linkages between scholars who currently may not be aware of each others’ work and interests, and to identify areas that perhaps may not be receiving the attention they deserve.

The scope of this directory

This directory includes all scholars working on any aspect of Mongolia and the Mongol peoples. This includes are all fields from archeology to zoology, and from visual arts to women’s studies. The database not only includes those doing research on the independent State of Mongolia (formerly the Mongolian People’s Republic or Outer Mongolia), but also those studying Inner Mongolia in China, the Mongolian peoples in Russia, the Mongols and Tibet, and all the far-flung successor states of the Mongol world empire. Finally the database covers all time period from the prehistoric past to the present.

Including Your Name in the Directory

There are other listings of scholars involved in Central Eurasian Studies or Central Asian Studies with much valuable information. Our listing will be, however, the first database of scholars involved in Mongolian studies that is both comprehensive and complete listing of those interested in Mongolian studies. If you are a scholar involved in any aspect of research on Mongolia and the Mongols, we hope that you will take the time to help us and the world of scholars interested in Mongolian studies by filling out the following questionnaire, and by passing copies on to any colleague you may be aware of with an active interest in any field related to Mongolia.

Availability and Acknowledgments

This database will also be available in pamphlet form in the future. The Mongolia Society would like to thank the Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies and the Inner Asian and Uralic National Resources Center for providing funding that helped make this web-site possible. We would also like to thank our volunteers Namiko Fujii and Tsevegmid Tumentsogt for their generous gifts of time and expertise on this web site.

Questions and Corrections

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