A Notification to the International Conference on the Arzhai Grotto in China 2008

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Dear Mr/Mis


The Arzhai Grotto is the biggest architectural complex of grotto temples in Inner Mongolia, usually known as the Donhuang Caves of the Grassland. In 2003, the site was listed as the National Cultural Relics Protection Unit. There are 67 caves, 22 ruins of relieves and temples and Oboos. It is famous for its Buddhist frescoes, the Urgurjin Mongolian titles in some caves. These frescoes and titles have a high values of the cultural relic protection and academic researches. For further study and expanding the research of the Arzhai Grotto, the International Conference on the Arzhai Grotto, from August 27 to 29 in 2008, is going to host by the Otog Banner of Inner Mongolia China. The conference theme is the Arzhai Grotto and Nomadic Culture. According to your academic achievement and reputation, you are invited to the conference.

The conference related introduction as follows:

One. The conference is approved by the higher authority, and going to hold by the Academy of Social Sciences of Inner Mongolia, the Government and Party Committee of the Ordos City, the Bureau of Relics of Inner Mongolia, the Government and Party Committee of the Otog Banner.

Two. There are sessions of the Grotto Culture, the Uygurjin Titles, Tibetan Originated Buddhism and the History of Northern China Nationalities. And these subjects are going to be talked in group discussions with classified topics.

Three. The languages of the conference: Chinese, Mongolian and English.

Four. There are no conference fees paid from the participants, but given free meals and hotels.

Five. A symposium is going to be published after the conference.

Six. The conference period: 3 days of discussion and investigation.

If you could attend the conference, please send your abstract of your article to our office before May 31, 2008, by fax and email or post, thank you.

Address: No129, the East Daxuelu Street, Saihan District, Huhhot 010010, China

Room 423, Main Building, the Academy of Social Sciences of Inner Mongolia


The Office of the International Conference on

the Arzhai Grotto in China

March 20, 2008



The Reference Topics for the Conference

1.    Research on the excavating age and structure of the Arzhai Grotto

2.    Research on the frescoes and their style features of the Arzhai Grotto

3.    Research on the Uygurjin Mongolian titles of the Arzhai Grotto

4.    Research on the Tibetan originated Buddhism and history of the Arzhai Grotto

5.    Research on the history of Western Ordos in the periods of Beiwei Dynasty and the North Mongol Yuan Empire

6.    The related historical figures to the Arzhai Grotto

7.    Research on the excavating age of Jagun Hudug or wells and their techniques and application

8.    Research on the folklore and custom in the Arzhai area

9.    Research on the Xixia State and activities of later years of Chinggis Khan

10.Research on the minority art

11.Research on the footprints of the Changan Dinosaur

12.Research on the historical figures of Otog Banner


The Conference Date and Time

August 25 (Monday)

Whole day registration (first floor hall, the Academy of Social Sciences of Inner Mongolia)


August 26 (Tuesday)

Go to Ulaan Town of the Otog Banner


August 27 (Wednesday)

Opening Ceremony

10:00—10:30     group photo

10:30—12:00     main topic speech

p.m.  2:30—6:00  a visit to the Arzhai Grotto


August 28 (Thursday)

a.m. 8:30—12:00      main topic speech

p.m. 2:30—6:00       main topic speech


August 29 (Friday)

a.m. 8:30—10:00     main topic speech

10:00—12:00    Closing Ceremony

p.m. a visit to Yinchuan City, Ningxia


August 30 (Saturday)

a.m. a visit to King Tombs in Ningxia

p.m. back to Ulaan Town


August 31 (Sunday)

a.m.   Closing and go home

(translated from Chinese into English by Delger)

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