Shamanic Researcher Dr. S. Dulam

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Sendenjaviin Dulam was born in 1950 in Buleen, in Bayanbulag sum of Bayanhongor aimag in Mongolia. He attended grade school from 1958-1968, then studied at the Mongolian National University doing research on Mongolian mythology for his bachelor’s degree. He completed his doctoral work in 1982, doing research on traditional styles of storytelling and folk poetry. This research came to include research on shamanic oral traditions. From 1990 he studied the survival of shamanic traditions, which were practiced for many years in secret and were starting to revive once more among the northern and northeastern Mongols. After meeting with may Darkhad, Tsaatan, Hotgoit, and Buryat shamans to study their traditions he produced his work “Traditions of Darkhad Shamans.” After participating in the second, third and fourth international shamanism conferences in Ulaanbaatar he is now organizing the 5th international shamanism conference to be held in August of 1999.

Dr. Dulam has presented lectures in the University of Paris, University of Strasbourg, Univeristy of Bonn, and Cambridge University. He is now a professor and department chairman at the Mongolian National University and is the head of a center for the study of Mongolian traditional nomadic culture. Dr. Dulam can be contacted at; his fax is 976 1 325435; phone number 976 1 361717(h) and his address is P.O.Box 457, Ulaanbaatar-210646, Mongolia.


collected by Fan Xiuli