The Stamp of the Heaven (Tegri-yin Tamag-a)

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Lyrics: Basanjab

Music: Jirgalsaihan Ingjid


In the fogy and blue mountains

There is Maral Deer bellowing

The baby crying in a cradle

Must be of our blood

      Let me thinking of my mother


A life which embracing the Altai Mount

Ancestor of the Arluud Khereid Tribe

A life which embracing the Hanggai Mount

Ancestor of the Khalkh-a Borjigin Clan

The great and respected ancestors’

The Blue Stamp from the Mongkhe Tegri God

      It is not available elsewhere

      My blood is great Mongol


Guu-a Maral Alunguu-a Mother’s

Mongols from the three rivers

Burde Chinu-a as my first name

Born as her son

        Let me thinking of my father


With the hooves of Mongol horses

Shaken the breast of Asia

With the honors of the Mongol ancestors

Splashed the far sea

        Let me thinking of my ancestors

(Translated from Mongolian into English by Delger)