Mongolian Information Processing

By | 2015年5月5日 | 1,235 views

 Although the Mongolian Information Processing works began from 1980’s, because of the standardization of the Mongolian have not been completed well, a lot kinds of The Mongolian Information Processing works have been delayed and the level is very low, we can say  we are still standing at the beginning point of the Mongolian Information Processing world. Currently, we are all connected by internet and our daily life deeply depends on the digital world. The Mongolian digitization or Information Processing will be widely required by our Mongolians. The main problem of the Mongolian Information Processing is the Standardization of the Encoding. There are a lot kinds of Mongolian System in Inner Mongolia, Mongolia, and other countries or regions. But most of currently existing Mongolian system defined their own encoding code and different from each other. The contents and the texts created by each individual system hard to convert to other system and we can not use these kind on Mongolian System to communicate on Internet. We can not share our techniques and knowledge by these Mongolian System. It is very important to use Unicode Standards to unify the Mongolian Encoding quickly.