List of Chagatai khans

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The Chagatai Khans were the heads of the Chagatai ulus from Chagatai Khan’s inheritance of the state in 1227 to their removal from power by the Dzungars and their vassals in 1687. The power of the Chagatai Khans varied; from its beginning, the khanate was one of the weakest of the Mongol states, and often its rulers were merely figureheads for ambitious conquerors (see Kaidu and Timur).

Note: The following list is incomplete and, at times, possibly slightly inaccurate. It also excludes several collateral lines that ruled over minor territories and were relatively unimportant.


Khans of Chagatai Khanate[edit]

Titular Name Personal Name Reign
Khan خان Chagatai Khan چغتائی خان 1226–1242 CE
Khan خان Qara Hülëgü قارا ہلاکو 1242–1246 CE 1st Reign
Khan خان Yesü Möngke یہسو مونکو 1246–1252 CE
Khan خان Qara Hülëgü قارا ہلاکو 1252 CE 2nd Reign
Khan خان Mubarak Shah مبارک شاہ His mother Orqina Khatun was regent during this time 1252–1260 CE 1st Reign
Khan خان Alghu bin Baidar الغو 1260–1266 CE
Khan خان Mubarak Shah مبارک شاہ 1266 CE 2nd Reign
Khan خان Ghiyas-ud-din Baraq غیاث الدین باراق 1266–1270 CE
Kaidu bin Kashin and his son Chapar bin Kaidu ruled as defacto Khans from 1270 until 1304.The Chagatai Khans during this period were appointed by them but still rebelled when they tried to exert their authority.
Khan خان Negübei نہگوبائی Under Kaidu bin Kashin 1270–1272 CE
Khan خان Buqa Temür بغا تیمور بن قداقچی Under Kaidu bin Kashin 127?–1282 CE
Khan خان Duwa دووا Under Kaidu bin Kashin & Chapar bin Kaidu 1282–1306 CE
Restoration of Chagatai Khanate independence.
Khan خان Duwa دووا 1306–1307 CE
Khan خان Könchek کونچہک 1307–1308 CE
Khan خان Taliqu تالقو بن قداقچی 1308–1309 CE
Khan خان Kebek قبق بن دووا 1309–1310 CE 1st Reign
Khan خان Esen Buqa I ایشان بغا 1310–1318 CE
Khan خان Kebek قبق بن دووا 1318–1325 CE 2nd Reign
Khan خان Eljigidey  ? 1325–1329 CE
Khan خان Duwa Temür دووا تیمور 1329–1330 CE
Khan خان Ala-ad-din Tarmashirin علاء الدین تارماشیریں 1331–1334 CE
Khan خان Buzan بوزان 1334–1335 CE
Khan خان Changshi چانگشی 1335–1338 CE
Khan خان Yesun Temur یسون تیمور 1338–1342 CE
Khan خان Ali Sultan علی سلطان 1342 CE
Khan خان Muhammad I ibn Pulad محمد ابن پلاد 1342–1343 CE
Khan خان Qazan Khan ibn Yasaur غازان خان 1343–1346 CE
Qazan’s death signified the end of the effective power of the Chagatai khans within the ulus; subsequent khans were rulers in name only. Qazaghan took the title of Amir and to legitimize himself conferred the title of khan on descendants of Genghis Khan of his own choosing.
Khan خان Danishmendji دانشمندجی Under Amir Qazaghan 1346–1348 CE
During Amir Qazaghan‘s reign the Chagatai Khanate devolved into a loose confederation of tribes. This resulted in the Division of the Empire in 1347 CE into the Western Chagatai Khanate and Eastern part known as Moghulistan under Tughlugh Timur.