A Study on the Document of Circle Signature List of Duguilang Movement Led by Shin-e Lama

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A Study on the Document of Circle Signature List of Duguilang Movement Led by Shin-e Lama  — A Document Written Nearly Sixty Years ago and Never Interpreted

 By Tegusbayar, Inner Mongolia University


A traditional resisting organization is named Duguilang by Mongols, means Circle, and a related document is called the Duguilang-un Bichigesu, means the Circle Signature List of the organization.

A document of Circle Signature List of Duguilang Movement, which led by Shin-e Lama (his given name as Oljeijirgal, 1866-1929), during 20s of 20th century, was published by Yu Yuan’an (1915-1961) in his book of A Brief History of Inner Mongolia ( Shanghai People’s Publishing House), in 1958, as an illustration, he named it as Signature List of the Duguilang Movement. For some reason, this document of Circle Signature List has not been interpreted.

In this paper, according to the document of Circle Signature List which is collected in the Archives of Inner Mongolia (reference manuscript of Yu Yuan’an) and a copy in the Museum of Inner Mongolia, an interpretation is given on the whole content, cleared its purpose and corrected some misunderstandings.

The inner circle described about the meeting reasons of the Anda members of the Duguilang, and recorded the punitive provisions approved by all member of the Duguilang. This part is the longest chapter.

The outer circle is an affidavit, on which written some words as to Swear on for Never Regret.

The middle circle is the signature list of the attendants of the Duguilang, there were 139 attendants in this meeting. This is the origin of the name known as the Signature List.

In this article’s interpretation, author thinks that the document is not only a signature list, but also a notice about the meeting reason, intended purpose, punitive disciplines for those who have violating behaviors, and many other related contents and solemn vows. The document also recorded the spirit of brave and responsible collective action in which everybody participated voluntarily, and Mongol style democracy.

The Circle Signature List was written about between the autumn and winter of the 1926.

Appendix: Chinese translation for the inner and outer circle words by Tegusbayar.

(Translated from Chinese into English by Delger)

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