EMC Project

China Mongolian Studies Information Net is an important part of construction of Mongolian Studies Information Service Platform which supported by the Foundation of Humanities and Social Science Project of Education Ministry of China(MEC) in 2013.

And also a joint project of Mongolian Studies Section of Inner Mongolia University Library and the Mongolian Studies Research Center of Inner Mongolia University,2012-2015.

This site is going to be built a part of Mongolian Studies Service Platform and database. The resources and databases given here are selected and integrated news and information, academic papers and library collections on and about China and international Mongolian Studies. These information and resources are digested from web, library and personal resources.

EMC Project(2013-2016) Team Director: Delger, Inner Mongolia University Library

Joint Project(2012-2015) Team Director: Jakhadai Chimeddorji,  Mongolian Studies Research Center of Inner Mongolia University; Delger,  Inner Mongolia University Library


Contact: Delger, Director, Project Team, Mongolian Studies Section,Inner Mongolia University Library, Address: No.235,the West Daxue Road, Huhhot City, Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region, P.R. CHINA      PC:010021    

Tel.:+86-0471-4992561     Email: delger@qq.com    QQ: 405758340