Mongolica (journal of Russian Mongolian Studies)

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Mongolica is the only regular journal in the Russian Federation dedicated specifically to Mongolian studies (all papers in Russian). The authors of papers published in it are usually well-known scholars from St Petersburg and Moscow but those from other regions are always welcome, too. Since 1994, Mongolica has been edited by the IOM’s researchers, the first two issues having been edited in Moscow.

The main topics are history, literature, folklore of Mongolia, its historiography and texts, documents from archives, translations and reviews. Each issue is traditionally devoted to a particular event, aspect of study or anniversary. Thus, the third one was entitled The Archives of Russian Mongolists from the 19th and 20th Centuries, the fourth was dedicated to the 90th birthday of Ts.Damdinsuren, the fifth was in memory of Dr K. Golstunskiy (on the occasion of the centenary of his death), etc.

[ X, 2013 ]

[ IX, 2010 ]

[ VIII, 2008 ]

[ VII, 2007 ]

[ VI, 2003; RUS ]

[ V, 2001 ]

[ IV, 1998 ]

[ III, 1994 ]

[ II, 1993 ]

[ I, 1986 ]


collected by Fan Xiuli