ALMAS Mongolian Keyboard

By | 2015年5月5日 | 1,319 views

What here we providing is Almas  Mongolian Keyboard, which was developped on the Apple  Products like iPad, or iPhone. Just because the smart phone  device only have soft keyboard. The soft keyboard on the most mobile device is alphabet and the digit or symbol is switched by one switch key. Our Almas Mongolian Keyboard put the  control code on Capital A, S, D, F, G to simplify the  mongolian input.

Although the Windows Vista and  Windows 7 all defaultly installed mongolian input method and defined keyboard layout, but the mongolian control code has been defined on the symbol key. It will cause, some of the  symbol will be prohibited to input from mongolian keyboard.

The most important reason to provide Almas Mongolian Keyboard is for provideing same input method on PC and mobile, Apple and Windows to simplify for remembering the keyboard layout.
Hope all of you like to use it and if you have any advice to improve the method, please let us  know.