The Main Contents of the “Talking about the Grassland”

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By Bulag  (Translated from Chinese into English by Delger)

 First  Creative Background

1.     Farming culture, marine culture, and grassland culture of human civilization are the basic elements of the three major cultural patterns at different historical periods, respectively, become the protagonists of human society. In particular, the grassland culture with its “mobility” and “extension power” has been promoting the enormous role in the development of the history of the world.

2.     Ecological concept of the grassland culture, cultural elements of the harmony and the hero concepts has become a source of power for the progress of human society.

3.     China is the birthplace of the world’s grassland civilization, the great holder of the grassland civilization of human beings. The Hun people, the Mongols and other nomadic people with their influence for the history of the world, will put forward the grassland culture civilization into its most prosperous stage. In the new development of society, excavating and carding excellent grassland cultural heritage, is the real requirement of the development of human civilization.

4.     There are 15 nationalities that have typical grassland cultural characteristics in China. The grassland geographical area covers 41.2% of Chinese whole territory. The grassland culture has a special history and important practical significance for the Chinese civilization.

5.     2009 is the 60th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, at the great time of the National Day, to explain the position and influences of the grassland culture in the development process of Chinese civilization; this is a very rare opportunity. From the new ecological perspective and development level of the great culture, great history and great perspective, using of advantages of the central and local television medias, to make a full display of the strength and charm of the Chinese grassland culture that promoting the Chinese nation to the world, no doubt, these are carrying forward the spirit of the Chinese nation, building harmonious Chinese society, and a great action for the ecological civilization construction.


Two  Positioning

1.      To propagate the grassland culture as the main theme.

2. Together with the large-scale thematic series of documentaries of “Telling Stories of the Yangtze River” and “The Yellow River”, this documentary will expound and propagate the Chinese civilization of “harmony and different” culture.

3. Combined with the entertainment and knowledge will be played for China and the worldwide film and television audiences.

4. This will be a cooperation work hand in hand by the head of the authority at home and abroad, grassland culture experts and academics, professional arts and film and television tripartite.


Three  The Main Contents

1.     “Talking about the Grassland” is China’s first large scale television documentary of all-round displaying of the grassland culture and its history. “Talking about the Grassland”, “Telling Stories of the Yangtze River” and “The Yellow River”, these three television documentaries, from different regions, different angles and at different levels, give a comprehensive and interpretation for a long history of extensive and profound Chinese civilization scientifically.

2.    The record will be mostly based on the six Chinese Grasslands (such as Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Tibet, Gansu and Sichuan), and also including foreign grassland cultures and their histories of Mongolia, Russia, Central Asia and Europe.

 3. The recording steps will be starting from a realistic landscape, discoursing with history, history with comments, points with scales, ideas with topics and entertainment, stressing the art and fun, interspersed with the opinions of the well-known figures and given the corresponding stories as well.