An Illustrated Dictionary of Khorchin Mongolian Traditional Articles

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the Catalogue of the An Illustrated Dictionary of Khorchin Mongolian Traditional Articles (translated from Mongolian into English by Delger/a draft)



Preface The Forever Land of Khorchin


The Map of the Jirim Federation

The Map of the Jirim League


Chapter I The Dwellings

Part One The Nomadic Ger

1.Mongol Ger or Yuart

2.The Other Dwellings

Part Two The Settling Ger

1.The Baising House

2.The Bosug-a House

3.The Others


Chapter II The Gardens

Part One The Hashiy-a Garden

Part Two Domestic Animal Sheds

Part Three The Ambar-a Store

Part Four Wells

Part Five The Stone Mills


Chapter III The Charts

Part One Kinds of the Carts

Part Two The Hanggai Cart

The Part of the Aral

The Part of the Wheels

Part Three The Ham Cart

The Mogon Ham Cart

The Ham Cart with Muhuu

Part Four The Temur or Iron Cart

The Structure of the Temur Cart

The Tatagurg-a Rope of the Temur Cart

The Harness of the the Temur Cart

Part Five The Chirg-a Sled


Chapter IV The Clothing

Part One The Head Dress



The Jalag-a and Jingse or Tassel Panicle like Top

The Earcap

The Scarf

Part Two The Clothes

Mongolian Tunic

Chamcha or Dress

The Uuji or Long Shirt

The Uujimeg or Short Shirt

The Ugjur or Cotton Tunic

The Dahu or Fur Tunic


The Chegedeng Vest




Part Three Shoes




4. The Tureibchi


Chapter V Ornaments and Jewelleries

Chapter One Head Ornaments

The Tatagur or Forehead Band with Corals

The Hathugur or Hairpin

The Shihagur or Hair Cylinder

The Shigamal Hair


The Suihe or Eardrops

The Bel or Earbob


Pigtail Colt


Part Two Necklice and Prayer Beads

1. Necklice

2. Prayer Beads

Part Three The Ornaments for Clothing

1. The Mongolian Knife

2. The Hete or Flint

3.Snuff Bottle

4. Tabaco Pipe

5.Tabaco Bag

6. The Habtag-a Bag

7. The Jegubchi Bag

8.The Tauhai or Adorn Ring

9.The Suirag-a or Drop

10.The Somon Scarf or Loll Belt

11. Red Skirt

Part Four Jingse and Otog-a

1. The Jingse or a Stone on a Hat Top

2.Otog-a or a Tail Feather on a Hat

Part Five Bracelet

Part Six Ring

Chapter Six Articles for Competition

Part One Wrestling

1. The Janggiy-a or Athletic Support Knot

2.The Jodog or Wrestling Coat

3.The Wrestling Trousers

4.The Charbag or Wrestling Skirt

5.The Ebudugchi or Cover Trousers

Part Two Archery Test

1. The Articles of the Archer

2. The Bow And the Arrow

3. The Target

4. The Bow Capsule and Quiver

Part Three Horse Racing

Chapter Seven Home Appliances

Part One Home Appliances

1. The Tulg-a Stove

2. Cooking Utensils

3. Containers

4. The Boxes and Cupboards

5. Tables and Chairs

6. Bags and Dabarg-a Bag

7. The Mortar and Pestle

8. Knives

9. Lighting Appliances

10. Bed Articles

11. Catering Appliances

12. Sewing Appliances

13. Dressing-up Appliances

14. Heating and Cooling Appliances

15. The Others

Part Two Courtyard Appliances

1. The Arug Pack Basket and the Sabar Dung Fork

2. The Sabag Basket

3. The Rice Milling Appliances

4. The Well Utensils

5. The Mud Work Tools

6. Animal Feeding Appliances

7. The Others


Chapter Eight Agricultural Tools

Part One Plough

1. The Structure of the Plough

2. The Rope and Colt of the Plough

Part Two Sowing Tools

1. The Drill Basket

2. Sowing Shuttle

3. The Narh-a Stone Roller

Part Three The Others

1. Hoe

2. Prong

3. Iron Prong

4. The Zhetu or Gaotou Pickaxes

5. Sickle

6. The Alisun Sickle

7. Hey Cutter

8. The Wooden Spade

9. The Wooden Fork

10. The Tugsegur Flail

11. The Sabagur Stick

12. The Bolo Roller

Chapter Nine Handicraft Industrial Tools

Part One Carpenter Tools

1. Saw

2. Ax

3. Adze

4. Plane

5. Chisel

6. Drill

7. File

8. Scraper

9. Inking Pot

10. Ruler

11. Former

12. The Others

Part Two Tools of the Blacksmith

1. Hammering Block


3. Bellows

4. Furnace

5. Crucible

6. The Chabchigur or Cutting Tool

7. The Chogoltur or Dot Punch

8. Pinchers

9. Drill

10. File

11. The Habchigur or Haptor

12. Former

13. Steel Saw

14. Tools for Horseshoe

Part Three Tools of Silversmith

1. Hammering Block

2. Bellows


4. The Oil Lamp

5. Carbon Disk

6. Silver Crucible

7.Fire Clincher

8. Steelyard

9. Compasses

10. Former

11. The Finger Loop Die

12. Drill

13. Steel Saw

14. Sinker

15. Pinchers

16. Scissors

17. Tweezers

18. Steel File

19. Cutting Tool or Chabchigur

20. The Chogoltur or Dot Punch

21. Pestle

22. The Others

Part Four The Other Tools for Handicraft

1. Leather Tanning Tools

2. Brewing Tools

3. Felt Making Tools

4. Carpet Making Tools

5. Rope Laying Tools

6. Stone Processing Tools


Chapter Ten Five Kinds of Livestock Appliances

Part One Harness

1. Halter

2. Bit

3. Saddle

4. The Chidur Stumbling Belt

5. The Tusha and Urugel Stumbling Belts

6. Horsewhip

7. The Urg-a or Noosing Pole

8. The Others

Part Two Harness for Camel

1. Boila or Nose Rein Borhug Rein Rope Gubaji Rein Stick

2. Halter

3. Hom Shadu or Saddle Ladder

4. Packsaddle

5. Tohom or Camel Pad

6. The Lasso

7. The Bell

Part Three Harness for Cattle

1. Leading Rope

2. Halter and Huzhugubchi or Neck Rope

3. The Churhe or Connecting Rope

4. The Duru or Nose Rein

5. The Shurge or Milk Cessation Tool

Part Four Tools for Goat and Sheep

1. The Lam Sack

2. The Hug or Birth Controlling Band

3. Cashmere Comber

4. Wool Scissors

Part Five The Others

1. The Marker

2. Spaying Instruments

3. Lactation Tools

4. Colored Silk Ribbon

5. The Argamjiy-a or Stumbling Rope and Stick

6. The Zhel-e or Cable Rope The Hohon-e or Wooden Pin The Holbog-a or Connective

7. The Nemnelge or Lumber Cover

8. The Perspiration Pad

9. Bandage

10. Well for Livestock

Chapter Eleven The Hunting Appliances

Part One Hunting Gun

1. The Sa Rifle

2. The Sa Rifle Appendixes

3. Roer or Fire Gun

Part Two The Bilagu or Hunting Stick

1. The Bilagu

2. The Sabagur or Hunting Stick

Part Three The Habh-a or Trap Clincher

Part Four The Urh-a Noose

Part Five Harness of Hounds

Part Six Tools of Falcon

Part Seven Fishing Tools

1. Fishhook

2. Fishnet

3. Fishing Cover

4. Harpoon

5. Boat and Raft

Part Eight The Others

1. Trap

2. The Shoro or Skewer

3. The Burhugesu Cover

4. The Zhanggur-a Ginadi or Pressing Pier

5. The Khumurigul or Smashing Basket

6. The Chibh-a or Hoop

7. The Dalalagur or Rocker The Shagshuurg-a or Sounder

8. Poultry Net

9. The Burkhuge or hiding Camp


Chapter Twelve The Medical Appliances

Part One Doctor Tools

1. Cartridge

2. Drug Spoon

3. Fleam Bag

4. Drug Steelyard

5. Drug Mortar and Pestle

6. The Others

Part Two Medical Appliances

1. Diagnostic Tools

2. Fleam

3. Pricking Pin

4. Moxibustion Needle

5. Cupping Therapy

6. Sore and Injury Tools

7. Bone Setting Tools

8. Delivery Tools

9. The Others

Part Three Subjects Related to Aliment Therapy

1. Animal Organs for Food Therapy

2. Cereals for Food Therapy

3. Therapy Food

4. Therapy Fruits

Part Four Veterinary Appliances

Chapter Thirteen Books and Stationeries

Part One Books

1. History Books

2. Pedigree Books

3. Religious Scriptures

4. Prescriptions

5. Translations from Chinese into Mongolian

6. Document and Official Seals

Part Two Stationeries

1. Pens and Inkstone

2. Paper and Ink

3. Pens

4. Wordpad

5. Engraving Tools

6. Paper-cut Tools

7. The Others

Part Three Version and Printing

Part Four Antithetical Couplets

Chapter Fourteen Musical Instruments

Part One String Instrument or Chordophone

1. Hugur or Mongolian Fiddle

2. Chugur or Horse Head Violin

3. Four String Violin

4. Hihili

Part Two Plucking and Playing String Instruments

1. Yatug-a or Mongolian Zither

2. Tobsigur or Trichord

3. Shudurgu or Two String Chord

4. Hobog or Mongolian Pipa

5. The Pirpar

Part Three Fluting Instruments

1. Blowing Instruments

2. Aerophones

Part Four Membrane Instruments

1. Tungkhur or Shaman Drum

2. Flat Drum

3. Cham Drum

4. Tall Leg Drum

5. Battle Drum

6. Damaru Bell

Part Five Body Sounding Instruments

1. Whacking and Plucking Instruments

2. Shaking Instruments

3. Mutual Plucking Instruments

Chapter Fifteen Religious Appliances

Part One Shaman Appliances

1. Shaman Clothes

2. Shaman Tools

Part Two Lama Tools

1. Lama Clothes

2. Temple Appliances

3. Pattering Instruments

Chapter Sixteen Custom Appliances

Part One Auspicious and Luck

1. Luck Symbol

2. Dalalg-a or Luck Evidence

3. Hadag

4. Amulet

5. Adis

6. House Lucky Symbol

Part Two Beliefs and Sacrifice

1. Heaven Sacrifice

2. Ancestor Sacrifice

3. Fire Sacrifice

4. Buddha Sacrifice

5. Jayagachi Sacrifice

6. Sulde or Spirit Sacrifice

7. Obug-a Sacrifice

8. Tree Sacrifice

9. Nabdag Sabdag or Geomantic Omen Sacrifice

10. White-Old-man Sacrifice

11. Bagumal Sacrifice

12. Bogda Emege Sacrifice

13. Thresh Gain Sacrifice

14. Well Sacrifice

Part Three Worships and Beliefs

1. Counting Prayer Beads

2. Heavenly Stems Worship

3. Preyer Worship

4. Special Plant Worship

Part Four Taboos and Magic

1. Taboos

2. Magic

Part Five Funeral

1. Recline Coffin

2. Vertical Coffin

Chapter Seventeen Games

Part One Riddles

1. Mongolian Chess

2. Jirgige Chess

3. Parji Game

4. Domingo

5. Champal Lock

Part Two Sports

1. Anklebone Game

2. Bilagu Stick

3. Slingshot

Part Three Children Toys

1. Shattlecock

2. Guurai

3. Begerul

4. Balls

5. Gyro

6. Sling

7. Whip

8. Ice Canoe

9. Disk

10. Interlink

11. Pendulum Rope

12. Dolls

13. The Others

Chapter Instruments of Torture

Part One Darbies

Part Two Nails

Part Three Shackles

Part Four Iron Chain

Part Five Reel

Part Six Fixture

Part Seven Black Whip

Part Eight Chibchirg-a or Beating Shoot


Chapter Nineteen Decoration and Crafts

Part One Art of Design

1. Structure of the Design

2. Basic Colors of the Design

3. Classification of the Design

Part Two Sewing

1. Cutting

2. Needle Work

3. Embroidery

4. Hugumal

Part Three Painting

Part Four Sculpture

Part Five Carving

Part Six Weaving

Part Seven Natural Art

Chapter Twenty Measurements

Part One Length Measure

1. Length Measures by Body Organs and Physical Objects

2. Length Measures by Experiences

3. Length Measuring Tools

Part Two Weight Measurements

1. Weight Units

2. Steelyards

Part Three Capacity Measurements

1. Capacity Units

2. Capacity Tools

Part Four Ground Area Measurements