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Mongol Laws and Government

THE GREAT YASSA OF JENGHIZ KHAN The fragments of the Great Yassa of Jenghiz Khan which have come down to us through Makrizi: 1. An adulterer is to be put to death without any regard as to whether he is married or not. 2. Whoever is guilty of sodomy is also to be put to death. 3. Whoever intentionally lies, or practices sorcery, or spies upon the behaviour of others, or intervenes between the two parties in a quarrel to help the one against the other is also to be put to death. 4. Whoever urinate   ......
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Genghis Khan’s code of laws published

(retrospective) HOHHOT – Chinese researchers have republished Genghis Khan’s code of laws, probably the world’s earliest that banned homosexuality. “Genghis Khan’s Code”, published by the Beijing-based Commercial Press, contains Chinese and English versions of the code as well as interpretations of the laws based on research findings. In article 48 of what is believed to be the world’s first constitution, Genghis Khan banned homosexuality, saying “   ......
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Mongol Laws of Genghis Khan

If the great, the military leaders and the leaders of the many descendants of the ruler who will be born in the future, should not adhere strictly to the Yasa, then the power of the state will be shattered and come to an end, no matter how they then seek Chingis Khan, they shall not find him. – Chingis Khan “Mongol law evolved from the basic needs of nomadic hunters and herdsmen who had little cultural inheritance. Rooted in the clan structure and borrowing much from clan customs and   ......
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