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A Study on Mongolian folk designs

(translated from Mongolian into English by Delger) ABSTRACT Mongolian folk designs, as a sign of vision, offered abundant elements of drawing lessons to present plane design to us. Patterns of plane design can be comprehensive applied to many areas. It conveys information, and gives strong impact of vision to people. Mongolian folk patterns are considered as an element of pattern of plane designs. First of all, it is not only confronted with the problems of skills as a sign of using but also inc   ......
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Ideographic Pictures from Inner Mongolia

By Holger Grimme Delger’s calligraphy of traditional Mongol animals could easily be confused with the Bronze Age Prtroglyphs found in Eastern Mongolia. Even though thousands of years separate the dates of origin of these two different groups of pictures, they have feature in common: the feeling of the artists that there is a need to express the importance of certain domesticated animals within their culture. Delger is working as a teacher/researcher at Inner Mongolia University. His main f   ......
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