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Unicode Mongolian Standards

 Unicode Standards is a global encoding standards which is accepted by all of the OS Venders and System makers. In the early 2000, The Mongolian Unicode Proposal had been accepted by the ISO Organization and Unicode Consortium. Just because of the implementation method of the Mongolian Unicode is very difficult and not exist till the Windows Vista support it by OpenType Font rendering techniques. Now, the Unicode Mongolian Encodings, can be supported by OpenType Font rendering techniques on Windows,  Linux & Unix. and by AAT Font rendering techniques on Mac      OS X, iOS.


Mongolian Information Processing

 Although the Mongolian Information Processing works began from 1980’s, because of the standardization of the Mongolian have not been completed well, a lot kinds of The Mongolian Information Processing works have been delayed and the level is very low, we can say  we are still standing at the beginning point of the Mongolian Information Processing world. Currently, we are all connected by internet and our daily life deeply depends on the digital world. The Mongolian digitization or Information Processing will be widely required by our Mongolians. The main problem of the Mongolian Information Processing is the Standardization of the Encoding. There are a lot kinds of Mongolian System in Inner Mongolia, Mongolia, and other countries or regions. But most of currently existing Mongolian system defined their own encoding code and different from each other. The contents and the texts created by each individual system hard to convert to other system and we can not use these kind on Mongolian System to communicate on Internet. We can not share our techniques and knowledge by these Mongolian System. It is very important to use Unicode Standards to unify the Mongolian Encoding quickly.


The Mongolian Font

 The Mongolian is the script used by  Mongolain Peoples from 13th Century. It is actually an  alphabetic script, but the Mongolian have a special writing  style. Firstly, the Mongolian write in vertical line and the line feed direction is from left to right. This writing style  is all different from other languages existing on the world.  It is different with the Chinese and Japanese Vertical Line mode. Secondly, the Mongolian alphabet will be writing as continuously in a word. All of the alphabet, will be changed to different glyph to write at a word beginning, in a word between other alphabet, or at the word final position. For this reason, the Mongolian alphabet at least have 4 presentation glyphs, Isolate, Initial, Medial, and Final presentation glyph. Some of them have other special glyphs additionally.

           Currently, we have Unicode Mongolian Standards which is encoded by the Mongolian Alphabets. For displaying the Mongolian correctly, we have to change the alphabet to proper presentation glyph in the text. For  support this kinds of glyph change requirements, Microsoft and Adobe defined a new Font Specification – OpenType font techiniqes and Apple defined their own Specification AAT(Apple Advanced Type) font      techniques. The OpenType font mostly used on Microsoftwindows and Linux & Unix Systems. The AAT font mostly      used on Apple products like Mac OS X and iOS used on smart phone or tablet like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
          We are strongly promote the Unicode  Mongolian Standards for unifying the Mongolian system encodings to make our Mongolian digital worlds will be able  to communicate each other directly. This Mongolian Font site will provide necessary Fonts, Techniques and Applications for  Unicode Mongolian Standards. Please feel free to download and      utilize it. If you have any additional questions or advices,  please let us know.

          The Unicode Mongolian on Windows XP

           If you are using Windows XP, please download the package bellow, and install under the instruction in readme.txt. After restart your Windows XP after installation and Language and Region setup in Control Panel, you can show the Unicode Mongolian on your PC. Please check it by show our web page

           Download the Open Type Font renderer engine module from HERE

          Open Type Mongolian Fonts

          1.       Mongolian White Font                    Download            2.       Mongolian Art Font      Download            3.       Mongolian Writing Font            Download            3.       Mongolian Title Font            Download

          AAT Mongolian Font

          1.       Mongolian White Font                    Download            2.       Mongolian Art Font      Download            3.       Mongolian Writing Font            Download            3.       Mongolian Title Font            Download

           We are collecting and creating a lot kinds of Mongolian Fonts. Please wait and check here regularly. If you want to create or provide      Mongolian Fonts, Please contact us. We will support or help you to create your Mongolian Fonts and add our OpenType and AAT Font logic to complete your font support Unicode Mongolian Standards. Your Font will be introduced on our site and you can price and sale your font on this site or by yourself. If you want to provide your font without any charges, we can provide download service on our site.

How to display and input Mongolian on Windows XP

If you use Windows XP, to display and input Unicode Mongolian, you need to download and  install following package on your XP. Please follow the  readme instruction to setup your XP to correctly display  the Mongolian.

OpenType Font Rendering Engine  for Windows XP   Download

For input Mongolian on Windows XP,  please find and download the Almas Mongolian Keyboard from  left menu, install it on your XP by the instruction.


ALMAS Mongolian Keyboard

What here we providing is Almas  Mongolian Keyboard, which was developped on the Apple  Products like iPad, or iPhone. Just because the smart phone  device only have soft keyboard. The soft keyboard on the most mobile device is alphabet and the digit or symbol is switched by one switch key. Our Almas Mongolian Keyboard put the  control code on Capital A, S, D, F, G to simplify the  mongolian input.

Although the Windows Vista and  Windows 7 all defaultly installed mongolian input method and defined keyboard layout, but the mongolian control code has been defined on the symbol key. It will cause, some of the  symbol will be prohibited to input from mongolian keyboard.

The most important reason to provide Almas Mongolian Keyboard is for provideing same input method on PC and mobile, Apple and Windows to simplify for remembering the keyboard layout.
Hope all of you like to use it and if you have any advice to improve the method, please let us  know.



Mongolian Information Processing Status on Windows

The history of Mongolian  Information Processing at least have ten to fifteen years.  According to our knowledge, there are a lot kind of        Mongolian system. The Mongolian OS or Mongolain encoding method, at least have above twenty kinds of it. All of these systems, have not unified their encode. The Mongolian scripts save to computer use computer code. By these days,  the code of Mongolian saved by the individual systems mentioned above, is all different each others. It causes the saved document can not share each other.

In this digital ages, the standardized encoding is  extremely important. Before the Unicode, all of the country defined their own standards. After the Unicode getting more popular, recently, all of the systems accept the Unicode and provide the unicode support. The Mongolian Unicode        Standard had been accepted by ISO organization and Unicode Consortium in early 2000.

But the Mongolian Unicode Standard Proposal use new font rendering techniques. All the OS providers are not ready to provide the complex font rendering logic on system level till 2007 or 2008.  Microsoft provided the complex font rendering engine and  Mongolian implementation on Windows Vista.

But the Vista system itself have  memory and performance problem led the most of users downgrade their PC to XP.
The Mongolian implementation has been widely used since the Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2. Although Windows Vista and Windows 7 only provided one  Mongolian Baiti font, it is provided a new era or new road to Unicode Mongolian implementation and Mongolian  Information Processing.

We use the OpenType Font  Techniques which was provided by Microsoft and Adobe,  developed a lot of OpenType Mongolian Font. All of our  OpenType Font and Mongolian Information Processing Techniques developed by us will be providing from this site.
We also have migrated the OpenType Engine on old Windows XP. After you install the package and Fonts on Windows XP, you can show Unicode Mongolian on Windows XP now. It is very important to use Unicode Mongolian on Windows XP, because, most of mongolian people are still using Windows XP in these days.